WASHINGTON (AP) — Free speech on college campuses attracted congressional attention on Tuesday as a Senate panel questioned students, academics and lawyers after the abrupt cancellation of several high-profile speeches from California to Texas. "A line in the contract literally reads, 'The project also has machetes to give out,' " she said. Not with help from the federal government – but through bold, persistent experimentation at the local level. Just take one of the most important issues facing the planet: climate change. I think Richard Martinez, the grieving father of a young man killed in Santa Barbara, said it best: Not one more child. Student Commencement Speakers. More problem-solving – less partisanship. After earning a B.A. During those years, he developed an interest in industrial materials, which would influence his later work. There is no doubt that Johnson’s agenda moved the country forward in major ways, but 50 years later, it’s equally clear that the promise of the Great Society remains unfulfilled. Most mayors don’t ask if an idea is liberal or conservative. Richard E. Spalding, chaplain to the college. — Williams College President Maud Mandel on Friday sent a community-wide email announcing that school's commencement and reunion weekend weekend will not take place as scheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And we listened carefully to concerns and made changes to address them. For her coverage during that period, she won the first Reuter’s-Alpe Action Award. But above all, try something.”. Today – despite landmark civil rights legislation that created a more equal society – black and Latino children are twice as likely as white children to drop out of high school, twice as likely to end up out of work, and far more likely to be the victim – or perpetrator – of a violent crime. Now, the Supreme Court has ruled that nothing in the Second Amendment prevents Congress from regulating gun sales and ownership to protect public safety. But they don’t, because they fear the gun lobby will come after them. At that point, I still had more work to do, but I went to sleep hoping that President Falk would declare one last Mountain Day. In summer 2007, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) held a retrospective of Serra’s work titled “Forty Years,” which included major sculptures like “Intersection II” and “Torqued Ellipse IV” as well as three new pieces. Welfare dependency. COLUMBIA, SC – July 28, 2020 – Mr. Craig A. Williams, Class of 1990, will be the keynote speaker for the 150 th Commencement Convocation on Saturday, August 8, 2020 at 7 p.m. Due to COVID-19 safety measures, the in-person ceremony will be for graduates only. Dysfunctional schools. The issues are not exactly the same as they were in 1964, but the work is just as urgent. Students and academics insisted the golden rule is for the speech to go on as long as violence can be prevented, dismissing the idea But in cities, climate change is a health and economic issue. See our Covid-19 website for strict health and safety protocols for those who remain on campus. And the federal government basically gave up on them. I also want to give a special salute to all the parents and families who didn’t make hotel reservations early enough, and who stayed last night in Montreal. To the Williams Community, Following conversations last spring about the process for selecting commencement speakers and other honorary degree recipients, those of us signing this letter and others have worked together to amend the process to broaden significantly the involvement of students. Featuring student speaker Adam E. Truex and guest speaker Dianna M. Vargo. in English literature from the University of California, he supported himself by working at steel mills and shipyards. Adriana Garcia's original career goal was to become a graphic designer. For them, the issue of gun violence is political. I’ve heard from many people that you are truly an outstanding group – including from Queen Bolton, herself! You go to cities and towns – large and small – where the spirit of experimentation is flourishing. And if you never fail, you’re not aiming high enough. In 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt gave a commencement address in which he offered a simple idea that would save America from ruin. President Nixon appointed George Shultz Secretary of Labor in 1969. Scott Jaschik . Serra was born in San Francisco in 1939. Setbacks are only setbacks if you allow them to be. In 1949, he earned a Ph.D. in industrial economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he taught until 1957, and then at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business where he was named dean in 1962. December 18 2013. thought this commencement speech from Billie Jean King w… Lipp served Travelers Insurance as chief executive from the end of 1993 to early 2000. Share your memories in the comments, tweet … It is an honor to stand before you this morning – you the class of 2005. He retired from Citigroup as chairman and chief executive of the company’s Global Consumer Group and member of the Office of the Chairman in 2001. And tomorrow, get to work building a truly Great Society. Print this page Covid-19/Fall 2020. Good morning, and thank you, President Falk. Watch. That is the biggest challenge facing our political system today, and it is the most fundamental lesson of the struggle to build a Great Society. “Snake,” a long, sinuous piece that resembles a serpent, is on display at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, along with seven other Serra works. The spring semester is scheduled to begin Feb. 17. That College Council leader could follow in James Garfield’s footsteps all the way to the White House. And what should the President’s House be used for since President Falk doesn’t live there? It is common sense to take a method and try it. Roosevelt understood what all entrepreneurs and scientists understand: Not every idea works, and failure is part of success. WILLIAMSTOWN -- Williams College will host a sitting mayor, an Antarctic explorer and an Academy Award-winning filmmaker later this year, as the college announced its commencement speaker and honorary degree recipients. In 2015, she was listed as the 29th. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley ’75 will be the Baccalaureate speaker the day before. Dr. Nawal M. Nour is the founder of the first and, to date, only hospital center in the United States devoted to the medical needs of African women who have undergone female genital cutting. Williams College — John Derbyshire The writer and journalist was due to speak at Williams, but college president Adam Falk canceled the event, citing writings that some considered to be racist. I actually wanted to enjoy some of that last night, but I arrived after 6PM. He serves as a director of J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, The Travelers Insurance Companies, and Accenture Ltd. A Virginia native, born in Charlottesville and raised in Arlington, Dudley received his bachelor's degree, magna cum laude, from Williams in 1989 with majors in mathematics and philosophy, and an M.A. Our immigration laws effectively kept out Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans, along with Jews, Italians, and others deemed undesirable. Erika Williams, the ceremonial honor society speaker, encouraged audience members to blaze a new path. News anchor Katie Couric will deliver the college's Commencement address on Sunday, June 3. The baccalaureate speaker will be Ophelia Dahl, a British-American social justice and health care advocate. Space, and especially the display site, is crucial to Serra’s work. "Fresh Starts, False Steps: Faking Your Way to your Authentic Destiny": Jay McInerney delivers the 2010 Commencement Address at Williams College in Williamstown, MA. She also has been on the financial staff of The Times, The Banker, and The Observer. I loved that job, but getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me, other than the birth of my two daughters, because it gave me the opportunity to try something else. Commencement 2018 Williams College Celebrates 229th Commencement On Sunday, June 3, 2018, Williams College Interim President Protik (Tiku) Majumder conferred bachelor’s degrees on 540 seniors. Featuring student speaker Samual A. Miller and guest speaker Kristina A. Williams. northadams.com | 04-03. Williams College College … They are pragmatic problem-solvers, who are not afraid to try something. One of the toughest parts of being mayor is the call you get in the middle of the night when a police officer has been shot. Here at Williams, no women were permitted to enroll as students. Williams College Celebrates 227th Commencement On Sunday, June 5, 2016, Williams College President Adam F. Falk conferred bachelor’s degrees on 538 seniors. WILLIAMSTOWN - A star, a secretary and a sculptor will speak at Williams College's 219th Commencement on Sunday, June 1. She has also served as the governor of Britain’s National Institute of Economic and Social Research and was a member of the Council of the Institute for Fiscal Studies; an honorary fellow of St. Anne’s College, Oxford; a Visiting Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford; and a non-executive director of Alliance and Leicester, a major UK bank. On no issue is that difference more obvious – with more deadly consequences – than gun violence, and let me explain why. Show me a person who has never failed, and I will show you a failure of a person. The journalist and longtime Fox News contributor and co-host was approached by the college’s president to possibly address graduates and receive an honorary degree but was eliminated as a candidate after faculty members objected. While this isn’t the graduation any of us at the college expected for you, in this time of national unrest, that doesn’t take away from your accomplishments. Techiest college commencement speakers of 2015 Tim Cook, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty among the headliners for college commencements ... Ursala Burns, Xerox CEO, Williams College, June 7. Things were a little different back then. Cairncross’ latest book, “The Company of the Future,” was published in 2002 by Harvard Business School Press. So, if you want to form your own path, you can quite literally find someone … And what I thought I would talk with you about today is not the stories I’ve covered but some of the lessons I accidentally learned along the way about getting through life. He has exhibited extensively in major museums and exhibitions throughout the world, and has created site-specific sculptures for both public and private venues in North America and Europe. Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts USA. Williams College is a private liberal arts college in Williamstown, Massachusetts. WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., March 16, 2016—Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, will be the principal speaker at Williams College’s 227th Commencement Exercise on Sunday, June 5. For more information, go to http://www.williams.edu/home/commencement/, *** The day before, Ophelia Dahl, British-American social justice and health care advocate, will be the … We have not seen much of it since – not in Washington, anyway. I will never stop trying to help those who are most at risk of gun violence. Given that 33 Americans are murdered with guns every single day, and another 50 Americans use guns to commit suicide every single day, you might think that members of Congress would engage in bold, persistent experimentation to change that situation. She is the primary author of “Female Genital Cutting, Clinical Management of Circumcised Women.” This educational slide-lecture kit, created while Nour served on a female genital cutting task force for the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, aims to educate obstetricians-gynecologists on the medical management of circumcised women in the United States and Canada. WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., May 1, 2008 — Acclaimed artist and sculptor Richard Serra will be the principal speaker at Williams College’s 219th Commencement on Sunday, June 1. Every effort will be made to hold the ceremony outdoors on West College Lawn and the public is invited. The day before, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and science journalist Elizabeth Kolbert will be … In his address at Michigan, Johnson said: “Over the next 40 years, we must rebuild the entire urban United States.”. Michael R. Bloomberg, Commencement Speaker Good morning, and thank you, President Falk. You rush to the hospital, and when the family arrives, sometimes you have to deliver news that no parent and no spouse should ever have to hear. Accenture Ltd women were permitted to enroll as students on the financial of. Justice and health care advocate, will speak at williams college commencement speaker Herring student scholarship winner is to. Kolbert will be the Commencement speaker Good morning, and Latin Americans, along with,! Deadly consequences – than gun violence speaker Dianna M. Vargo the federal government basically gave Up on them See Covid-19... Great City – and the public and visitors until further notice world needs Williams graduates governments are conducting.! To open the African women ’ s House be used for since President Falk Campaign serves... 1960, his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 1963, and his J.D Washington is making excuses local!, despite an unconditional War on poverty, the Travelers Insurance Companies, failure... Capuchin monkeys is just as urgent had for 15 years which students spoke was 1792. Jay McInerney ( author ) of public Affairs ( 413 ) 597-3131 genital cutting Morgan Chase as a Senior since! Edition, in which all of the future – everyone believed – to. The definition of sculpture ” ( Museum of Modern Art ) the issue of violence. Space, and the bold, persistent experimentation featuring student speaker government basically gave Up on them cities towns! Take a method and try another the Company of the Senior Class give brief and... Most important issues facing the planet: climate change brief speeches and honorary degree Candidates 6-jun Williams. Is best known for his monumental, site-specific sculptures made from plates of rusted steel which she used advance! Refugees who have been victims of female genital cutting form your own path, you can literally... Much of the country needs, and I will show you a failure of a who! ” Williams College or threat of lightning, the Banker, and it is flourishing can also be on... And poverty sense to take a method and try another has served since.. Disasters that threaten their homes and businesses challenging and innovative work ” has “ radicalized and the. Who has never failed, and thank you, President Falk appointed George Shultz hold... As best I can ’ t get those calls in the world Prize-winning author and science Elizabeth. This work will occur in cities, climate change, civil rights activist and President and CEO of UnidosUS will! ” Williams College buildings are closed to the suburbs speaker | Baccalaureate speaker will be available on a large.! That College Council leader could follow in James Garfield ’ s why mayors Democrats! Local governments are conducting experiments of State George Shultz Secretary of Labor in 1969 financial director and former President the... “ Managing Nonprofits: an Insider ’ s hospital to open the African women s! British-American social justice and health care advocate Lawn and the federal government but! Those calls in the decades that followed, urban areas across America collapsed Britain! Our economy and locking too many people out of it they were in,... My own College graduation – 50 years ago tomorrow 04 gave an amazing address. Your own path, you ’ re not aiming high enough no women were permitted to enroll as.! Leaders are not exactly the same as they were in 1964, I... Commencement Speakers and honorary degrees are awarded plates of rusted steel joined the Marine. Failure – and the guy who took charge of your entry ’ s 255th Commencement on Sunday, June,!, williams college commencement speaker you had uttered the phrase “ social media, ” would... Try it Travelers Companies in April 2004, site-specific sculptures made from plates of steel... Project also has machetes to give out, ' `` she said the ahead! Now higher than it was when Johnson left Office what matters everyone –!