It should, however, never be less than three-and-a-half hours or more than five hours. Garlic Seasoning SetAnytime I cook, I have to throw some kind of garlic flavoring in the mix. The information will come handy in future. That’s why my team and I want to solve this problem. Tell us what you thought of each and also comment on the accuracy of our Predictions on how long to dehydrate deer jerky. So, what are you waiting for now? Jerky is, simply put, spiced-up, dried meat. A 2008 research at the University of Wisconsin – Madison showed that pre-set dehydration systems do not produce safe products. The two most important factors are: Thicker venison slices take longer to dehydrate. When learning how to make deer jerky, you need to know when the venison jerky is done. While going on camping or hiking, deer jerky is one of the familiar and favorite snacks of lots of people that they would love to carry always. The strips should be cut from low-fat portions of the deer. All those deer jerky lovers who like the meat and bourbon will surely love this recipe. It can, however, be a little tricky. The first day will be for preparing the venison. The garlic powder and black pepper make it little spicy. All the above recipes in the article are quite delicious in flavors. I strongly discourage the use of pre-set systems. Dehydrate for too long, and the jerky will be as hard as wood. Using the jerky gun, press the meat onto racks. : The USDA recommends pre-cooking or steaming the venison at 160 F (71 Degrees Celsius) before dehydration. A top of the line beef jerky that can be done in just 12 hours. At the time I never even pre-heated/ pre-cooked my venison before dehydrating. It is an easy recipe of the deer jerky that you can make at home with the simple ingredients like Tender Quick curing mix, onions, garlic, corn syrup, and black pepper. How To Make Deer Jerky In A Dehydrator, Smoker, and Oven, B. Commercially made beef jerky tends to be expensive, high in sodium, and there's such a small amount in each bag. We have also shared some useful info related to the deer jerky recipes that will surely make you more attentive and aware of the same. However, the blending of the spices results into a zesty heat. Bag the slices in the marinade and refrigerate overnight for the best results. Go forward and use a blender for getting the molasses and brown mixed perfectly. So all that said, to make your beef jerky, just toss the sliced beef and the marinade together in a large ziplock bag until the beef … It is a classic recipe of the deer jerky that comprises of double dosage of the spicy flavor of pepper from both, i.e., coarsely minced peppercorns over the top and broken peppercorns inside the recipe’s marinade. But if you still have some venison … Whisk together the sugar, black pepper, onion powder, garlic salt, lemon juice, liquid smoke, paprika, … But if you ignore a few essential tips then, this can affect the result of your recipe. Hi there, I’m Linda, chief editor at Dehydrator Blog. On the next day, pat them down off excess marinade before dehydration. Dehydration is a significant step in the processing of deer jerky as like beef jerky with a dehydrator. It might sound something mysterious to you. N.B. Many factors determine how long to dehydrate jerky. They have different ingredients, different flavors, seasonings, spices and different preparation time. The dehydration process triggers the defense mechanisms of various bacteria. sugar, curing salt, soy sauce, venison steaks, white pepper, red pepper flakes and 1 … With dried meat in high demand among my clan, I had to get another round in the works. It is fast and easy to prepare recipe which gratifies the requirement for a safe and healthy snack. Beef Jerky Recipe. Keep on checking when the jerky will be ready and always note the time it takes for your smoker to smoke different meat jerky. Always check the latest hunting gears out in the market and try to share his honest opinion with the audience in OUTDOOR EVER. Take a strip, cool it and bend it. After the perfect amount of time in the dehydrator (or oven), the beef … I do know of people who use temperatures as low as 125 Degrees Centigrade. Seasoned with classic flavors of brown sugar, garlic, and soy sauce, our recipe will transport you back in time hunting in the woods as a kid. Beef Jerky Recipe using a Dehydrator. Set the dehydrator at 160 degrees, or up to 175 if your model allows you go to go higher. Allow the slices to dry for about 4 hours and use the bend test mentioned above. Next time you hit the trails, don’t forget to pack Grandpa’s Venison Jerky. So, here we reach the end of our article of deer jerky recipes for the dehydrator! It is an amazing deer jerky recipe in which you can use either deer or beef. That’s how Dehydrator Blog was born.. 48 hour timer with auto shutoff and clear lid so you can easily check food; Adjustable digital thermostat lets you adjust drying temperature (100-160° F). Jerky is, simply put, spiced-up, dried meat. How Long To Dehydrate Deer Jerky and How to Make It? All of them are up-to-date. The dried deer jerky is a favorite snack for lots of people around the world. This time I went another route and sent my venison through a Weston grinder before turning it into jerky. Even at 160 F (70 Degrees Celsius), however, time to dehydrate will vary across dehydrating equipment. You’ll also find a few great recipes that were contributed by dehydrating experts, including a wonderful fruit roll-up recipe and hibiscus beef jerky. Get updated with food dehydrator tips, guides, reviews & news. The next recipe is quite a healthy option for … The stick making procedure is similar to making jerky from ground meat. Feel free to share this article with more and more people. Read on for the full insight on How long does it take to dehydrate deer jerky?’, Before that have a look do you have these jerky dehydrator ? If it snaps, you have overdone it. I like to experiment with my venison jerky recipes and found that by cutting the salt in this preparation and adding in a few high quality ingredients, you can create a great end product and stay on the healthier side. So, get ready and gather all your ingredients along with the dehydrator and start preparing some yummy recipes quickly! It consists of spicy and healthy ingredients that well enhanced the flavor in the end. I, however, prefer to hang the slices. They form cysts and become more resistant to heat. Higher temperatures require less time. Use your NESCO Dehydrator to achieve the perfect balance of chewy and tender. Preheat your smoker, oven (with the door cracked), or dehydrator to 170 degrees F. Place the jerky strips on the grill grates, jerky rack, or cooling rack and season the top of the jerky with additional pepper … Using a dehydrator is a great option for making homemade beef jerky. Some people swear that ovens are faster than dehydrators. This next step is one many people skip despite advice from the USDA. It is not only nutritious but delicious too. How to Keep the Flies off the Dehydrators, Oxygen Absorbers For Dehydrated Food – Complete Guide, Dehydrating Time & Temperature Guide: Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Herbs, Spices & Leather, Try to buy tenderer deer jerky that consists of single and simple prep tip. Place in refrigerator for 3-6 hours. Pack the seasoned venison into any jerky gun of choice. Just add two or more slices of fresh bread into the dehydrator. Before telling you about the nutritional value of the dehydrated deer jerky, let’s talk briefly about the food itself! Allow the meat to dry for 5 to 10 hours or until it reaches the consistency you prefer. 3 hours will yield a milder flavor while 6 hours makes it bolder and more vibrant. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Pathogens (disease-causing germs) are more likely to survive in thicker slices. Venison Jerky Recipes One of the best things in the World is homemade Venison Jerky. Heat regulation is crucial during the dehydration process. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This deer jerky recipe comprises of a tiny proportion of all the things to create a sweet and robust tasting deer jerky. N.B. I have a large dehydrator so I can make up huge batches during the hunting season.. image credit: I prefer to make my own beef jerky as it's really easy and cost-effective. It will provide you with a taste that you can’t forget. The deer jerky along with the pepper, hot pepper sauce, and barbeque seasoning. Pre-heat oven to about 160 F or 280 F. Arrange the strips in such a way that they do not touch. You need at least two days to make good venison jerky. After struggling to buy healthy organic food for my family, I decided that’s not the right way to do. : Smoke the slices for 6-7 hours. I too used to dehydrate my venison for 10 hours at 130 Degrees Centigrade. Depending on dehydration equipment of choice (smoker, dehydrator, or oven) follow the steps a, b, or c above. Or is there? One of the healthy ingredients that used in this recipe is apple cider vinegar that is not only nutritious but adds incredible taste to the recipe in the end. If your slices are too thick, they will not dehydrate evenly. If only there were a way to undo it. Well, there is a trick I use. This sort of jerky doesn’t keep as long as traditional jerky because of the fat content. For a dehydrator, turn it to 160 F. Arrange slices in the trays in a mosaic pattern (no strip should be directly above another). Only use dehydrators/ ovens with adjustable temperatures. Dehydration is a significant step in the processing of deer jerky as like beef jerky with a dehydrator. This chart includes all types of Fruits, Veg, Herbs, Jerky, and more. All these things are readily available at home, and you don’t have to rush immediately to the market. Lake Streeter, A Gun enthusiast, and loves to hunt in the middle of the wood. The dehydrating temperature also determines how long to dehydrate jerky. Dehydration speed will vary with equipment used. It can, however, be a little tricky. How to make beef jerky in a dehydrator. You MUST know how long to dehydrate deer jerky. After marinating, however, the gun presses the meat into casings of desired sizes. To be sure, just apply the bend test when the meat turns brown to come up with a time frame. Since you do not cook jerky before eating it, jerky must be processed in a way that kills all pathogens. You need some common ingredients for making this recipe like cayenne pepper, ground cardamom, curing salt, garlic powder, pepper, etc. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. One of our favorite snacks to take on hikes or camping is usually granola bars or beef jerky. Looking for a great venison jerky recipe with a little less salt and still great flavor, well than this recipe is for you. That is how to make venison jerky in the oven. Let us look at how to make deer jerky from ground meat. We absolutely love jerky in this house. Venison is more popular than any other meat when it comes to making jerky. Not to mention the health benefits. We usually take some of the venison we harvest and turn it into jerky each fall. How To Make Deer Jerky In A Dehydrator, D. How To Make Deer Jerky From Ground Meat. Rotating the racks hourly will ensure all of your jerky cooks evenly. Mix it all together in a Ziplock bag and your regular marinade Over dehydrated jerky is too chewy. You can quickly prepare it at your home in a food dehydrator. What you can buy the can easily from the market. How Long To Dehydrate Beef Jerky at 155° Well, to dehydrate beef jerky at 155°F you first pre-heat your oven for 10 minutes at 275°F. Mixing it in a marinade for ten minutes is enough to marinate it thoroughly. Mark the time the venison has spent in the dehydrator/ oven. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This recipe would also be great when making beef jerky. All the ingredients add more nutritional value to the food. Since you do not cook jerky before eating it, jerky must be processed in a way that kills all pathogens. Ground deer meat is also very popular in making deer jerky. Get updated with Food dehydrating tips, guide, reviews, and more. Deer jerky is a dried and lightweight snack which is quite handy for the outdoor sports enthusiasts, campers as well as backpackers. The jerky can also come in handy when making jerky sticks. Always note the time it takes to dehydrate jerky in your specific equipment. Don’t forget to share any deer jerky recipe that you have here in the below comment box. There is no use of extra salt, oil or chemicals in these recipes. It does not require any refrigeration. On thickness, I recommend a quarter of an inch; NEVER more than half an inch. That would be how to make venison jerky sticks using jerky guns. How long to dehydrate ground deer jerky will vary with the type of grind you use for deer meat i.e finely ground or coarsely ground. Your jerky will be done in about 4 hours. Sliced rump roast marinated in soy sauce, brown sugar, and liquid smoke then dried in a dehydrator for 12 hours. If you are on this page, chances are at one point in your life, you have had a grandfather, dad, uncle, brother or friend who turned a deer from a hunting trip into a bag of venison jerky and shared it with you. The benefits of using an electric smoker are that you know exactly what temperature your jerky is cooking at, making it… Before dehydration, dry the slices of the fat they ooze. : Be careful to eliminate any air pockets in the jerky gun. A friend who works at the USDA advised me against it. The target is to achieve an internal temperature of 160 F in each strip. Heat the slices at 160 F until they ooze fat all over. Get this Free Dehydrating Temperature and Timer Chart to dehydrate your food. recommend a range of 150 F – 200 F (66 – 93 Degrees Celsius), advised to dehydrate at 160 F (70 Degrees Celsius) for about 4-5 hours. The recipe of the deer jerky possesses a delicious marinade. Dr. Pepper Beef Jerky. Now Let us look at. If your meat is not already sliced, slice it as thinly as you can. Ovens consume more power and are harder to regulate. I love the roasted version. In a large releasable plastic bag, combine … I always recommend a range of 150 F – 200 F (66 – 93 Degrees Celsius). I find venison jerky dehydrated at 160 F (70 Degrees Celsius) for 4 hours to be just right. Our mission is simple. Arrange the meat strips on the tray of a dehydrator and dry at your dehydrator's highest setting until … But it will keep … Join our hands if you believe in our mission. On the first day of making deer jerky, slice choice venison at a quarter to half-an-inch thickness. You can also include it in the menu list of your party. The meat separation should be about a quarter of an inch. Then remove the jerky from the dehydrator. Learn how your comment data is processed. Kids also love eating this as a snack. Marinating it, therefore, takes very little time. In an earlier post I showed you how to make whole-muscle jerky with a dehydrator. You are guaranteed of pathogen-free jerky. Best Dehydrator Recipes List. You can make it in a dehydrator and oven both. To kill the pathogens, I was advised to dehydrate at 160 F (70 Degrees Celsius) for about 4-5 hours. Well, that batch of dried deliciousness didn't make it 24 hours before it was devoured. On the second dehydrate and package the jerky. Note: I share instructions for both in the recipe card below! The sticks can be dehydrated or roasted. Meat should only be introduced to the smoker when it has reached 165 F. You can lay the slices flat on the rack. The range of temperature for dehydration must, however, be checked. I have found hanged slices to have a more evenly distributed smoky’s taste. Dr. Pepper beef jerky is the favorite meat jerky for those who … The deer jerky should be 100% safe from bacteria and chemicals, Don’t use the ingredients that you are not aware of earlier as you might be allergic to them. The recipe comprises of slightly thick and chewy deer jerky along with the flavor of the spicy BBQ in the end. Dehydrate for 5 hours for 280 Degrees heat or 8 hours for 160 Degrees heat. All the above recipe are different from each other. Note: you can find more from my other article about how long to hang a deer for better venison. The next step is marinating. Next time you catch a deer, try out all the mini-recipes here. Be careful to eliminate any air pockets in the jerky gun. Meat slices easier if it is partially … Get one if you don't. You may have to turn the slices halfway through for a more even dehydration. This new dehydrator meant I had to step up my dehydration game and I started making venison jerky a few times a month and experimenting with dehydrated meals for camp. Always cut and slice the deer jerky evenly either with a knife or a cutter. Some people found it very addicting. Are you looking for the deer jerky recipes for the dehydrator? Set the equipment at 160 F. Dehydrate until the venison strips turn brown/ black. We are sure anybody who eats this recipe will surely going to ask you about this recipe once. You will surely can’t resist yourself from taking another bite of this recipe. Pick one of the tasty deer jerky recipes from the above list and start preparing it for your family and friends. Venison is more popular than any other meat when it comes to making jerky. You can use the table of contents to quickly skip to the different recipe categories, like jerky, mushrooms, powdered eggs, and much more dehydrated goodness. Fat reduces the shelf life of jerky. Marinate the slices in a marinade of choice. Heating before dehydration is, therefore, the most efficient way of killing pathogens. Remove meat and pat dry (we use paper towels, feel free to use other alternatives), add to dehydrator in a single layer. All visible fat must be sliced from venison parts before slicing it for jerky slices. The deer jerky recipe prepared at home is a far better and healthiest option than the store-bought deer jerky. You will save on dehydration time. Still today many of them not aware of food dehydrators and uses of dehydrated food.