Zou (7): good arc, solid world building and amazing moments. 8/10 Whole Cake Island: It had its boring parts, like the 20 episode Luffy vs. K-whatever, but I did like the setting, Big Mom is one of my favorite characters, and I found the drama with Sanji compelling and nerveracking. It's also the first in which the presences of Kinemon and Kanjuro are justified. best arc impel down arc I liked the comebacks of some old characters and shows that the main character's plot armor can be set into taking Ls blackbeard appearance and that is when they mentioned devil fruit awakening along with the … Plus, Robin was introduced. Kaido (カイドウ, Kaidō), also known as "Kaido, The King of the Beasts" (百獣の王 カイドウ, Hyakujū no Ō Kaidō), is a fictional character and one of the antagonists of the One Piece series. Zou: I thought this was a great and incredibly original arc. 0 comments. However, the true perpetrator of the war, Mr. 0 and the remaining … I wish we would've gotten better characterization for the executives though, Doffy deserves better. But let's see how it ends. Marineford (8) - big ol' powerfest, it's great seeing top-tiers slugging out (finally), but it's also a bit underwhelming how unimaginative the abilities are (except for Whitebeard, he's awesome). Sanji and Brook are the worst. Oh don't get me wrong, I enjoy those moments too, it's just not all of it stuck the landing for me. also it was the first time in all the mangas I have ever read that I enjoyed a flashback. Impel Down and Marineford + 3D2Y and onset of Training - 10 - I'm sure everyone knows why. Zou (8) - a surprisingly good arc, mostly because it doesn't shoot in all directions and is just concise enough. Enies Lobby 2. Too much is being glossed over. Orange Town (3) - Buggy is great, and Nami is great, but neither is at their high point here. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works He is the third to be mentioned by name and the last one to debut. Alternatively, I thought Punk Hazard had a really cool premise and characters with an interesting plot. Jaya (6) - this is a pirate village done right. Loved the crew exploring the sunken galleon underwater, and the last-minute escape to the sky island. It is stuck in a prehistoric time and teeming with huge dinosaurs and massive plant life. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. It was so boring that I drop the manga and never pick it back up. Also love the design of the city, feels like it's the kind of creativity Skypiea should have had. Sabody + Post separation - 8 - some striking moments with the introduction of the rookies and also moments that brought into realization that no matter how strong our heroes are, it doesn't matter because there are bigger monsters out there and the journey is far from over. Like, I won't lie, before Zou, Whole Cake, and Wano, Punk Hazard was the only post-timeskip arc I really enjoyed. And too bad we see so much of Absalom, his antics with Lola nearly ruin the arc. Also, did we really need 6 or so chapters of Roland flashback? Kinda disappointed Vander Decken didn't have a bigger role. WCI (so far) - 6 - rather rushed. Blackbeard's exchange with Luffy is amongst the very best OP has to offer, and I love how things seem a bit off in town, and the more out-of-place characters are all from the same crew. Sounds fun to do one of these, though it's too time-consuming for me to go in-depth with every arc. I feel this should have been a light and adventureous arc, yet we barely tour through the island, instead being dragged into a silly melodrama. Well, that's pretty obvious, many chapters later. Punk Hazard - 6 - it was mostly the setting that made it dull. Reverse Mountain seems gimmicky rather than exotic, the Laboon drama is pretty boring, and Baroque Works seems shoved down our throats with the jarring introduction of Mr. 9 and Mrs. Wednesday. Tbh I feel like Wano is an arc that will be a LOT better with rereading or rewatching. The back-and-forth structure of the narrative works really well. Fishman Island (3) - the idea of putting the crew in a disadvantaged position (underwater) isinteresting, so as not to give away the gold of their training too soon, yet still maintain a plausible danger from the villains.