Unlike other Ancient Weapon: Poseidon, Pluton never been drawed/animated explicitly. プルトン First, Pluton is a ship. Nami starts to get the hang of Clima Tact. Assista One Piece - Alabasta (062-135) Episódio 118, Secret Passed Down in the Royal Family! Akan tetapi ia masuk kedalam Angkatan Laut. The first pluton is underground, whereas the second one is a blueprint that franky destroyed. As we know Pluton is hidden under alabasta; in addition, plutonic rock is rock created by lava whereas pluto is the greek god of the underworld. 66 Chapter 650 and Episode 570, Robin and Neptune discuss about the three Ancient Weapons named after Gods. i’m guessing that it is something more than that… what i don’t know, I can believe that pluton tech was used in sunny but the rest I don’t know, Your email address will not be published. Sementara itu, keluarga Nefertari adalah yang menyimpan rahasia soal Pluton yang sejati. Diğer yazılarımızda görüşmek üzere… Mucho después, en Enies Lobby, Franky decide destruir los planos del arma una vez por todas después de ver que los Sombrero de Paja declaran la guerra al Gobierno Mundial. It's mentioned as powerful weapon that can destroy the world. Seperti yang udah lo tahu, ada tiga senjata kuno yang punya kekuatan hancur mahadahsyat di semesta One Piece. Ellos capturaron tanto a Nico Robin como a Cutty Flam, él cual ahora se nombra como Franky para ocultar su identidad, en una tentativa de adquirir de ambos las llaves para despertar el arma Pluton. Estos planos habían sido transmitidos en una línea de constructores de naves increíbles durante siglos. Pluton (プルトン Puruton) é uma das três antigas armas lendárias perdidas que amedrontam muitas pessoas com a iminência de sua possível volta. Pluton fue diseñado y construido en Water 7 durante el Siglo Vacío y llegó a estar inactivo después de la guerra. To more clear I don't believe that the ship itself was hidden in the bloodline, but the power source. Joy Boy. El poneglyph que hablaba del arma fue descubierto por Nico Robin, quien mintió a Crocodile sobre lo que leyó,[5] sin embargo este ve el engaño de Robin y la apuñala, habiendo juzgado la reacción atontada del Rey Cobra sobre su mención del arma Pluton. As we know their are 2 ways to get plutons, but why? This means that even if one person can find one pluton, it would be absolutely useless unless they had the other part. ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. . En ese mismo momento, Tom afirmó que era el barco «más monstruoso» que jamás se ha llegado a construir. They are actually 2 different parts, the generator is located under alabasta and controls magma, the ship is stored in a computer in franky’s brain, the sunny is a severly weakened version of pluton, pluton is giant, round, is combined of smaller boats like the sunny all around it, and can potentially fly and go to outerspace. I also believe that their is a message written on the generator using the language on the ponoglyphs to tell how to create the generator, This pluton is the blueprints that franky had, and i believe still has. Pluton is already built, but it's hidden somewhere, probably in Alabasta. I membri di una razza possono riprodursi con membri di razze differenti, dando vita a ibridi che presentano caratteristiche miste. It was said that Pluton Was a Ship and that there was another Weapon. This pluton is also the generator of the complete weapon. For Franky, it was Water Seven and Eines Lobby all over again. The first pluton is underground, whereas the second one is a blueprint that franky destroyed. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Joy Boy made Noah from scratch. One Piece Mania crede che i fumetti siano un meraviglioso prodotto culturale e, nello specifico, che ONE PIECE, il manga dei record di Eiichiro Oda, sia uno strabiliante generatore spontaneo di cultura. As outras duas armas são Poseidon e Uranus. Pluton. Esto se evidencia cuando Franky y Iceburg quedaron completamente atónitos al ver los planos del barco. Well i believe he simply stored the data in his brain. 1999 TV-14 4 Seasons Shounen Anime. Pluton is a huge warship capable of mass destruction, constructed long ago in the city of Water 7 in the Grand Line. Laboon would be lucky to catch one of them. Pluton, one of the ancient weapons, and the only one that was an actual weapon and not a person with special abilities, had fallen into the hands of the World Government. Franky se dio cuenta de que Robin no quería revivir el arma. A pluton (pronounced "PLOO-tonn") is a deep-seated intrusion of igneous rock, a body that made its way into pre-existing rocks in a melted form several kilometers underground in the Earth's crust and then solidified.At that depth, the magma cooled and crystallized very slowly, allowing the mineral grains to grow large and tightly interlocked — typical of plutonic rocks. Currently, Shirahoshihas inherited Poseidon's power and her name. One Piece Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en Anime. Mención Perlu diingat Crocodile bukanlah seorang bajak laut bodoh yang suka bertindak Gegabah, tetapi dia adalah orang yang bergerak dengan planning yang sempurna. This fits into the name of Pluton as well as it could refer to plutonium used in atomic bombs. I've never seen them lying. [Çeviri], çeviri one piece teorileri yazımda bu kadar dostlar. the Ancient Weapon Pluton!, na Crunchyroll. Could have more to do with sea stone or Akainu’s devil fruit. Blueprints for Pluton that Franky had was meant to be a 'Plan B' in case Pluton ever ended in wrong arms that it needed something as strong against it. El deber de los carpinteros era guardar los planos y evitar que cayesen en las manos equivocadas. ↑ a b One Piece-Manga - Träume (Band 24) - Kapitel 218 ~ König Kobra spricht über Pluton. The pirate captain pulled himself up onto the floating remnants of Pluton, catching sight of tell-tale triangular fins beginning to appear in the waters beyond. Pada awalnya, para penggemar One Piece mengira bahwa senjata legendaris ini adalah seperti layaknya senjata pada umumnya, berupa benda mati. Pluton has been sending large amounts of magma directly under Ukkari, as a result hot springs were created. Since the Alabasta Arc, the series has teased that there are three Ancient Weapons hidden within the world.Crocodile was searching for the great battleship, Pluton, the blueprints for which were in the possession of Franky's master, Tom. A ship that could sail everywhere with ease. Crocodile’s plot to overthrow King Cobra from Alubarna is a cover to extract Pluton which he believes was in Alabasta. Second, according to Crocodile, one shot from it will destroy an island instantly. Pluton is a huge warship capable of mass destruction, constructed long ago in the city of Water 7 in the Grand Line. This ominous sounding title refers to the ability to communicate with, or hear, the voices of animals and objects, and is possessed by the likes of Monkey D. Luffy and Gol D. Roger, among a very select few others. It was one advantage gained out of that entire fiasco. Luffy ini diam-diam sudah dekat dengan dua Senjata Kuno One Piece lho. In this story after falling from skypiea, gedatsu meets Kohza’s uncle in Ukkari island; where he then begins to dig really deep to find a hot spring. Poseidon mampu berkomunikasi dengan Sea King dan mengendalikannya, kemampuan yang bisa menghancurkan suatu pulau jika Poseidon berkehendak.. Berhubung Sea King adalah salah satu makhluk terkuat di dunia One Piece, kemampuan … Tras la lucha contra el Guerrero del Mar, Luffy saca a Cobra y a Nico Robin de allí y la localización del poneglyph quedó sepultada. Nombre japonés Como reacción a la amenaza realizada Pluton, el Gobierno Mundial utilizó la existencia de Pluton, Poseidon, y Uranus como la principal razón para la prohibición de la investigación de los poneglyph. One Piece is an ongoing anime series that started in 1999. Robots as we know have memory and file storage; so why doesn’t franky have something similar? So that Pluton actually weren't the weapon after all. Tiga Ancient Weapon ini adalah Pluton, Poseidon dan Uranus. This leads me to believe that pluton harnesses the power of the earth. Download One Piece Episode 955 Sub Indo, Watch One Piece Episode 955 Sub Indo, don't forget to click on the like and share button. ... Crocodile reveals a sinister plan after hearing that Cobra does not know the location of Pluton. After she died, her descendants who possessed the same ability to speak with Sea Kings were granted her name as a Title, known colloquially as the "Mermaid Princess"(人魚姫, Ningyo Hime?). Well as we know, pluton was probably created by the ancient kingdom; but if the ancient kingdom created pluton, why would they need two? After the Reverie, we know something happened to Alabasta Kingdom. Edit: Never mind. The hype around Pluton was further increased during the Water Seven arc. Il Pluton è un missile balistico nucleare a corto raggio tattico pre-strategico e ad unico stadio, usato per lungo tempo dall'esercito francese come alternativa al MGM-52 Lance statunitense. Cobra, para que Crocodile no descubra la localización, decide activar un dispositivo que destruye la Cámara del poneglyph. Franky destruyó los planos quemándolos para asegurarse de que Spandam nunca reviviera el arma. This is basically me explaining my theory on pluton and why their is a blueprint as well as the actual thing. ... Pluton (Arabasta), Poseidon (Skypiea), Neptun. Watch One Piece Edição Especial (HD) - Alabasta (062-135) Episódio 118 - Secret Passed Down in the Royal Family! Los planos del arma se habían mantenido ocultos en Water 7. Episode 119 24m. Laboon would be lucky to catch one of them. A PROMISE BETWEEN FRIENDS – LUFFY PLANS TO MEET THEM AGAIN, Robin’s Pluton- the pluton robin knows about, the one described in the ponogylph in alabasta, Franky’s Pluton- the pluton Franky knows about, the one described in the blueprints, the generator-powers the ship, but is hidden underground, the ship- about as big as noah, given to the shiprights of water 7 in the form of the blueprints. His another theory about the ancient weapons: I believe Pluton is Thousand Sunny. Se desconoce qué fue de Pluton después de la guerra, pero supuestamente se encuentra oculto en algún lugar de Arabasta, y el poneglyph que dice su localización está oculto en la tumba real del reino. Meski begitu, Poseidon memiliki kekuatan yang tak kalah mengerikan. Şu sıralar hep çeviri yazıları yayınlıyorum. This was revealed on water 7 act. However their is one thing that really bugs me about pluton; that being that their are 2 plutons. In One Piece it has also seem to imply that it is a ship. Karakter Pengkhianat One Piece selanjutnya adalah Vergo. Well i believe that pluton(the ship) has a chamber of heat insulating pipes that run throughout the ship, all of these pipes meet at the generator; the generator is used to control the flow of lava inside the pipes. I believe that Pluton, the ship, was created for Pluton, the historical figure, to focus their power into one point, allowing them to destroy islands. Se da a entender su descomunal poder cuando Franky decide destruir los planos del arma sabiendo el legado de estos solo para evitar que el gobierno pudiese revivir el arma.